VCTS Inauguration

Inauguration Day

The Virtual Centre for Theosophical Studies (VCTS) – an educational website for the emanation of Theosophy was launched on 27th, June 2020. The inauguration day was introduced by our International Secretary- Sr. Martja Artma who addressed the virtual conference, attended by about forty Theosophists around the World.

The launch was administered from Casablanca in Morocco where Founder, Luke Ironside resided at the time. He came from the Pranava Lodge, in the Philippines. Along with Founder Luke, other team members joined remotely:  Justin Tanksley from the USA, Anne Kelly from London, and Brother Arni Narendran from India, among over 30 other theosophists.

Virtual Centre for Theosophical Studies Flyer

The launch for this virtual entity was possible by the support of the International President, Brother Tim Boyd and International Secretary Sr. Martja Artma.


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